Working with us on an on-going basis is what it's all about!

Working with a trusted advisor saves time, money, and gives peace of mind knowing someone else is looking out for you.

We enjoy collaborating with people that want an advisor relationship with someone they can consider their equal. If at some point you've thought that you could probably do what we do if you put the same amount of time into personal finance as we have, you may be a good fit. As financial professionals we hit the 10,000 hour mark a long time ago and are happy to be challenged. It only makes relationships stronger!

Back to the process... Effective Wealth Management is the mitigation of risk through the on-going Hand-Crafted financial planning process, conversation, implementation, and investment management.

We take a proactive approach to our Wealth Management relationships and use a service calendar to guide our regular conversations so that you can be sure that we're covering our bases together on an annual basis.

If you're interested in our Wealth Management services, it's worth having a chat to see if we're a good fit.

A few notes on our compensation structure:

As fiduciaries we set out to create a compensation structure that matched out ideals. We believe we are here to help you efficiently grow and maintain your net worth while mitigating risk along the way.

With that in mind, we felt that a structure based on Net Worth made the most sense.

This structure minimizes the opportunity for conflicts of interests that may exist in other models. There is no change in compensation for deciding to:

  • build a sufficient emergency fund
  • make a house purchase out of savings from your portfolio
  • pay down debts from your portfolio
  • leave your 401k account in place near an early retirement or because there are low-cost investment options that fit your needs

Our compensation is the same regardless of where you choose to custody your investments (although we prefer them to be completely under our management at either TD Ameritrade or Schwab for efficiencies). This means our only incentive is to help you grow and maintain your wealth.

Fees are paid on a monthly or quarterly basis per your preference. Payments and can be made from your investment accounts or paid via Credit Card or ACH.


Fee Structure

Net worth: 0.50% up to $2.5m

0.25% after $2.5m

Income: 1%

Minimum fee of $2,400 annually



For example: Your Income is $250k as a household and your Net Worth is $1.9m.  Your annual fee would be $2,500 for the income component and $9,500 for the net worth portion for a total of $12,000 annually for on-going planning and investment management.

That is $1k/month for a full-service advisor that has your back!