Getting Ahead Financially

Hi All! Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Seriously, how do I get ahead financially?” or, “What do I even measure to see how I’m doing financially?”

The good news is, there IS one metric you can use to measure how you are doing, and track yourself to get ahead and it’s Net Worth! Boom. So, how do you grow your net worth?


Is it all about how much money you make?

Growing your net worth is not about how much money you ARE making. It’s about how much of your money you AREN’T spending. If you’re accumulating 50% of your paycheck in savings and investments every month, you can imagine where that will get you over time... It’s about flipping the usual view of money – I only make this amount - and focusing on what you can do to get ahead – I get to save this amount! Once this strategy becomes a habit and your way of life, growing your income will only accelerate the growth of your nest egg!

Most of us make a significant amount of money on an annual basis. Your 10-year-old self would probably have their mind blown by knowing how much money you now make. Being an adult has a lot of challenges and monetary demands, but take some time and think: how would your 10-year-old self feel about what you do with all of your income? Proud? Ashamed? Surprised?

Now, take some time and think: how do you, at your current age, view what you do with your paycheck? How would your life change if you looked at your paycheck and be able to marvel at how much you got to keep to yourself?

Growing your net worth will allow you many financial freedoms throughout your life. Having a nest egg set aside will help you throughout job changes, accomplishing financial goals, providing flexibility, becoming financially free, and even helping start your own business (if that’s what you desire).

So, work on flipping your views from negative ‘I only have this’ to positive ‘I get to keep all of this’. Then you’ll be able to watch your net worth grow and get yourself ahead financially!


How has Crafted Wealth been getting ahead?

Summer is always busy, so besides spending a lot of time with our clients, we’ve been working on some fun, new, interactive content to help you out. Over the next few weeks, our Building Blocks pieces will have interactive checklists so that you can track your progress throughout each of the four blocks. You’ll be able to mark things done, push off for the future, and set reminders for yourself to revisit the list at a later date. All of which can be sent to your email and doesn’t require you to sign up for yet another service (unless you want to!). This has been made possible by our friends at We’ve never been more excited to help you get ahead with your finances!