Story Behind Crafted Wealth


Story Behind Crafted Wealth

The story behind Crafted Wealth

Crafted Wealth evolved out of the burning desire to become masters of our craft. As craftsmen, we’re committed to the highest of standards. We act as fiduciaries for our clients and have a compensation model that bucks current industry trends.  This best aligns us with our client's goals.

Our beliefs around money revolve around three ideals:

Making it. 

Keeping it. 

Growing it. 

These three pillars amount to:

A healthy and growing career.

A well thought out budget.

A plan to accomplish your goals. 

We’re here to help coach you through the process and be your guide.


Our Team

Our Team

  Gabriel Anderson CFP, CLU, ChFC    Lead Advisor, Financial Planner, and Founder of Crafted Wealth Management

Gabriel Anderson CFP, CLU, ChFC

Lead Advisor, Financial Planner, and Founder of Crafted Wealth Management

  Scott Bell    Lead Advisor, Investment Guru, and Founder of GDP Wealth

Scott Bell

Lead Advisor, Investment Guru, and Founder of GDP Wealth

  Erika Saba    Director of Operations & Chief Compliance Officer

Erika Saba

Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer




Gabe the Craftsman


I founded Crafted Wealth in 2015 with the vision of redefining personal financial planning. There are no cookie cutter plans here. After all, the plan is yours and you need to believe in it to see it through.

My financial planning career began in 2010 at a leading national firm in Milwaukee, WI. This initial experience gave me a taste of the industry, both the good and bad. Often, when people hear financial advisor they instantly think investments... That's a failure of focus in my industry. What I really do is coach and empower people so that they aren't scared of their finances. I teach people how to manage their lives and get excited about what they have right in front of them and what they are capable of. It's powerful stuff!

 Gabe on his down time - building fast cars.

Gabe on his down time - building fast cars.

In 2012 I moved to Los Angeles, CA for an opportunity to work with an experienced wealth management firm. It's here that I dove deeper into planning and investments. I knew early on that continuous education was important to my ability to do what’s right for my clients. Right after moving to Los Angeles, I studied for and gained my Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designations. 

I grew up in Cedarburg, WI with my sister Bethany and parents Brant and Carol.  Growing up in the Midwest gave me a strong work ethic and instilled in me an entrepreneurial spirit. 

My fiance Megan and I have been calling the coastal community of Venice, CA home since 2012. It’s near to our hobbies: Los Angeles car culture, the beach, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and snowboarding.  It's also a quick ride to LAX which can take us anywhere in the world (often back to the Midwest).  Venice also happens to be home to multiple startups and many creative and entrepreneurial minds.  We feel at home here among so many like minded individuals.

I am EXCITED to help you through your journey and make decisions that truly align with YOU.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you think about, plan, build, and support your ideal life. 

Let’s take the next step and see if we’re a good fit.  Schedule a meeting for us to get to know each other here.


Scott has 18 years of experience in serving the personal needs of investors. His writing and thoughts on the wealth management industry and financial technology have been featured by Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal.

Before founding Gross Domestic Product, Inc., Scott worked for one of the oldest firms on Wall Street for almost ten years as an advisor. Now, he tries to wear a tie as little as possible and teaches people what he’s learned.

An Eagle Scout, Scott played NAIA Division I soccer on scholarship, and graduated magna cum laude in economics from Western State University of Colorado. His econometric thesis was on “Openness To Trade And Its Relationship To Gross Domestic Product.” He resides in Playa Del Rey, California with his wife, their four children, two bunnies, and Hazel the dog.


Erika is a dynamic, results-focused operations leader who offers over 23 years of experience. She is a proven success with operations and compliance experience serving over 900 families across the country and more than $300 million in assets.

Erika’s attention to detail and client care are the heart of our practice. She is an expert in custodial technology, oversight and procedure. She is truly an asset to our firm and our clients.

Erika grew up in Northern California, in a small college town. She played flute in school band and piano. She moved to Southern California in 1998 to start a new career path in the financial industry. Erika currently lives in Hollywood with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, listening to music, exploring Los Angeles, cooking and spending time outdoors.

Our Approach

Our Approach


Why are we here?

We’re here to give you a planning experience that is more than just financial.

Let’s take a moment to sit down and reflect on your past year. What are things that stand out? Was it your trip to visit family? A best friend’s wedding? Did you make the decision to buy a new house? Did your kids just graduate school? Have you finally set the ever exciting date of retirement? 

The decisions you made in the past led to those happy moments over the last year. What do you need to do to make sure they keep happening? 

When we at Crafted Wealth look at life, we want to make sure we are a positive influence in our industry. We also want to maximize happiness, spend life with the people we love, and allow for flexibility. It’s easier for us to make daily decisions because we know what our values are. 

Have you thought about what your values are lately? Have you thought about whether your daily decisions align with what’s important to you? 

We are here to take you through the hand-crafted planning process. This process will help you rediscover and visualize the values you may have put aside during your everyday life.  But maybe you are thinking:

Should I contribute to my 401k?  What investments best align with my ideals and goals?  Should I worry about recent investment performance?  Will our pension support us in retirement? What accounts should I take money out of first in retirement to cut taxes?

With your values as context, the answers to those questions begin to have substance.  This is the hand-crafted way!