Service In Three Ways


Service In Three Ways

We offer our services in three ways.

Financial Planning Topic

Pricing Structure

Net Worth


Cash Reserves

Cash Flow Management

Retirement Planning

Income Tax Planning

Insurance Review

Education Planning

Investment Advising

Vision, Values, Goals

Estate Planning

Meeting Frequency

Two-Hour "Ask Me Anything"

$500 one time payment












  • 1 Two-Hour Meeting
  • In person or video chat

Hand-Crafted Financial Plan

Additional modules
based on complexity












  • 3-5 Meetings (Get Organized, Vision, Values, Goals, Rough Draft, Final Draft)
  • Available by phone, email, and video chat

Wealth Management

Annual fee
calculated from your
Net Worth and Income
Paid monthly or quarterly












  • 3-4 Startup Meetings
  • 2-4 Review Meetings/Year
  • Available by phone, email, and video chat
  • Includes Financial Planning & Investment Management

Wondering what service is right for you? Don't worry, figuring out what fits best for you is part of our Get to Know Each Other chat. If you'd like to learn more on your own, keep reading!

In our opinion, Financial Planning can be done in two ways, Reactive and Proactive.

Reactive planning is best described as something happening in your life and you looking for an answer. ie:

  • During a job change
    • What should I do with my old 401k?
    • Are my new benefits comparable to my old benefits?
    • How much should I save into my new 401k?
    • What investment options should I pick for my new 401k?
    • Should I change my selections during open enrollment?
  • During a life change
    • Just had a child, how much life insurance should I have?
    • I just started my own business and lost my benefits, what should I pay attention to?
    • I'm ready to retire, what do I need to do?

Reactive planning is usually done on either an hourly or flat-fee basis.

Proactive planning is best described as having a trusted partner that is there asking you these questions before they happen. Someone that is there as you're going through life changes, keeping you accountable to your goals, and paying attention to your finances when you may not be.

There may often be a service calendar attributed to your relationship, you're paying to have someone on-call, or both! Working with a planner in a proactive manner may also include help with investment management.

Proactive planning is usually done on either a Retainer or Annual Fee arrangement (broken up monthly or quarterly).

At Crafted Wealth we work in both ways because we recognize that each approach may work well depending on what you're looking for and where you are in life.

You can schedule a chat to get to know us below. Talk Soon!

Hand-Crafted Financial Planning

Hand-Crafted Financial Planning

Our Hand-Crafted Financial Planning solution is an all encompassing package to get you using your money as a tool to accomplish your goals and live your ideal life.

As part of our process we will help you rediscover and refine your values around life and money.  We work to ensure your values tie into each of your financial goals using our unique mindmap process.

Once you've gone through the planning process, you will have a roadmap and list of action steps to get you where you want to be!


Sample Mindmap

Sample Written Financial Plan

We believe that having a solid financial foundation in place is pivotal to your success. Our process begins with a review of your foundation. If we feel any areas are deficient will take you through our process to make sure they remain a strong focus. The foundational pieces are:

  • Tracking Net Worth

  • Monthly Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

  • Reasonable Cash Reserves

With a solid foundation in place, we can then work together to craft your financial plan.  

Our planning process is 7 steps.

We get to know you, gather data, analyze your data, develop recommendations, present solutions, discuss options, and can help with implementation. We cover each of these topics in our planning process:

  • Vision, Values, Goals

  • Retirement Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Investment Analysis, Planning, Education, and Suggestions

Retirement Scenario Analysis

Sample eMoney Portal

Working through the process happens over 3-5+ meetings and takes 2-4 months to work through depending on the depth required. The first meeting is on us as it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.  

After going through the Hand-Crafted Planning process, you will receive:

  • Your “One (or more) page financial plan”

    • Includes action steps, executive summary, and details on each topic

    • Investment Analysis includes

      • Asset allocation review

      • Expenses analysis

      • Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

      • Suggestions

  • Vision, Values, and Goals mindmap

$2,400 Hand-Crafted Financial Plan includes

Getting Organized

Vision, Values, and Goals

Retirement Planning

Insurance Planning

Education Planning

Light Estate Planning

Investment Analysis, Planning, Education, and Recommendations

You will have on-going access to our financial planning, data aggregation, organization, and budgeting tools on eMoney.

Once we're through the process, you will have the option to take your plan and implement it yourselves, or we can begin working together on an on-going basis. The On-Going Wealth Management process is explained in detail HERE and below.

There are so many awesome tech tools out there to make your personal financial lives more efficient. We've curated what we believe are the best out there. The blend between technology and having an advisor to rely on utilizes the best of both worlds. We are constantly evaluating our tech stack as new tools come out.

We use:

  • eMoney

  • RiskAlyze

  • Kwanti

  • MindMeister


  • Orion

  • iRebal

  • AdvicePay

Additional Modules

Add $1,000 for each extra module

Stock Options/RSU/Warrants/Grants Planning

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Trust/Estate Plan Mapping

Advanced Investment Strategies (Asset Location + Complex Tax Planning)

We charge $2,400 to go through the process which gets you our detailed base plan. Half is due up front and half is due at delivery. Additional modules are available for those that may have additional complexity.

We are CFPs.

We act as fiduciaries at all times.

We want you to be successful with the advice we give.

We believe in quality advice without the Suit and Tie.

On-Going Wealth Management

On-Going Wealth Management

Working with us on an on-going basis is what it's all about!

Working with a trusted advisor saves time, money, and gives peace of mind knowing someone else is looking out for you.

We enjoy collaborating with people that want an advisor relationship with someone they can consider their equal. If at some point you've thought that you could probably do what we do if you put the same amount of time into personal finance as we have, you may be a good fit. As financial professionals we hit the 10,000 hour mark a long time ago and are happy to be challenged. It only makes relationships stronger!

Back to the process... Effective Wealth Management is the mitigation of risk through the on-going Hand-Crafted financial planning process, conversation, implementation, and investment management.

We take a proactive approach to our Wealth Management relationships and use a service calendar to guide our regular conversations so that you can be sure that we're covering our bases together on an annual basis.

If you're interested in our Wealth Management services, it's worth having a chat to see if we're a good fit.

A few notes on our compensation structure:

As fiduciaries we set out to create a compensation structure that matched out ideals. We believe we are here to help you efficiently grow and maintain your net worth while mitigating risk along the way.

With that in mind, we felt that a structure based on Net Worth made the most sense.

This structure minimizes the opportunity for conflicts of interests that may exist in other models. There is no change in compensation for deciding to:

  • build a sufficient emergency fund
  • make a house purchase out of savings from your portfolio
  • pay down debts from your portfolio
  • leave your 401k account in place near an early retirement or because there are low-cost investment options that fit your needs

Our compensation is the same regardless of where you choose to custody your investments (although we prefer them to be completely under our management at either TD Ameritrade or Schwab for efficiencies). This means our only incentive is to help you grow and maintain your wealth.

Fees are paid on a monthly or quarterly basis per your preference. Payments and can be made from your investment accounts or paid via Credit Card or ACH.


Fee Structure

Net worth: 0.50% up to $2.5m

0.25% after $2.5m

Income: 1%

Minimum fee of $2,400 annually



For example: Your Income is $250k as a household and your Net Worth is $1.9m.  Your annual fee would be $2,500 for the income component and $9,500 for the net worth portion for a total of $12,000 annually for on-going planning and investment management.

That is $1k/month for a full-service advisor that has your back!

Hourly Planning

Hourly Planning

We also realize that you may only have a need for a conversation on a few topics. With that in mind we offer single engagements based on our hourly rate.  

Our hourly rate ranges between $150-$250 depending on the topic. 

Our most popular single engagement program is a $500 Two-Hour "Ask me Anything". This is an intense two hour meeting where you control the agenda. Your homework before this meeting is to create a list of financial planning and/or investment related questions. We will work through your questions one by one. The goal of this meeting is to provide you with as much information as possible during your two hour period.

Single engagements may be especially helpful if you are in the "Get-Started" program, not yet ready for the Hand-Crafted financial planning process, and would like more information on investments, retirement, or other planning topics.

Based on your topic we can estimate how much time it will take.  Multiply the time estimate by the hourly rate and that's the fee!  That amount will be the fee no matter how long it takes us to walk through the topic.  This way you won't need to worry about additional fees for going over the time limit we set.